Customer Version

Setting Up Your Account

Once your hoof trimmer adds you as a customer in their version of the app, you should receive an email with a link to download your own version of TJ Hoof Hub. Getting started is easy! Simply provide the requested information in the form, create a password, and you’re ready to go.


To help you and your hoof trimmer maintain live and effective communication, you can manage your settings to receive push notifications within the app regarding schedule changes, invoicing, cow alerts, and more.


Here you can view your full hoof trimming schedule.
You may select a date and request a reschedule or a cancellation. If you request a reschedule, your hoof trimmer will be notified and will either set a new appointment or cancel the appointment if they are unable to reschedule. You will be notified of their response. A date with a dot underneath means your reschedule request is pending. If you change your mind, you may cancel your request for a reschedule and leave the appointment as it was.

Home Screen

This is where you can view your herd’s overall hoof health data, with the ability to search for a particular cow, lesion type, service date, or anything else you may be interested in finding, with column data that is easily sortable A-Z or Z-A with a quick tap. Each cow’s unique Cow Profile containing all of her hoof health history can be viewed by tapping on her number/ID.
From the Home Screen you can also easily navigate through the rest of the app by using either the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen or by tapping on the hoof at the top left of the screen. You can also access your hoof trimmer’s profile by tapping on their name on the top of your screen.

Cow Profiles

This is where you can view the details about a cow’s entire hoof health history. The most recent date of service is shown first, with the ability to easily scroll through previous dates.

Each profile displays detailed data from each service date which includes a running total number of times she’s been seen, total dollar amount spent on her hoof health, any alerts, lesion history for each hoof, products used for treatment, and timestamped photos for healing tracking.

More details such as pen number, days in milk, lactation number, and reproduction status can also be seen here if there is an integration in place with your herd management software.

After viewing her history, you may decide she needs another visit, and so you can easily add her to your Service List which you and your hoof trimmer both contribute to. When adding a cow to the list you can even point out which leg(s) in particular need special attention.

Service List

You and your hoof trimmer contribute to this list that gives your hoof trimmer the ability to preview some of the animals to be worked on during their next visit. This list shows the ID, which leg(s) have been identified as problematic, distinguishes if she was added by you and marked as “flagged” or if she was marked as “revisit” by your hoof trimmer during a previous service, displays what her last service results were, and you can tap on her ID to quickly view her Cow Profile for further details.

Job Summaries

This is where you can review the summary of your hoof trimmer’s work for each day. Use the Date Selection bar at the top to choose the service date of interest.

The Job Summary will display all the details of the day, with a list at the bottom of all the cows marked for a revisit and any cows marked with alerts.

The price breakdown can be found at the end of the summary. Job Summaries will add up towards a final invoice for the billing period defined by your hoof trimmer which can be found in the Invoices section.


Here you can work with your hoof trimmer to easily create a custom invoicing structure that works best for you by setting the date range of services to include, the Invoice Dates, & the Due Dates.

You will be notified when a new invoice has been created and you can view all invoices in the app. You can also print your invoices if you so desire.

Customer Reports

All the animal data that your hoof trimmer records automatically populates the hoof health reports.

The goal of these reports is to deliver valuable insights that enables you to make proactive and effective management decisions.

You can select the start and end date of the time frame you are interested in to narrow down the graph. You can also select which lesion(s) you are interested in to narrow down the focus even further. You can then change the display breakdown to show the totals on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

The third report displays the average cost per cow over the selected amount of time.

The fourth report displays the average number of visits per cow also shown over the selected amount of time.

These reports are available to be printed or emailed to a vet and/or nutritionist once you’ve saved their email addresses in your profile, or you can enter an email of another person of interest at anytime.