About Us

We are Travis (T) and Joya (J), together we are TJ Hoof Care, and we are proud to present: TJ Hoof Hub!

We are a husband and wife from Waterford, California that became a part of the hoof trimming aspect of the dairy industry in September 2020. Both eager for a passion and purpose, starting a hoof trimming business was a no-brainer. We make the perfect team because between the two of us we have decades of education and experience in several parts of the dairy industry, including: dairy management, genetics, consulting, nutrition, technology, construction, and more! We both have Portuguese roots with generations of dairy farmers in our history and have two family dairies here in California still going strong. The dairy industry is in our blood, and we are very honored and excited to be building a business that we believe can bring so much to the table. What started as a humble hoof trimming business venture quickly turned into more than we had imagined! We saw an opportunity for innovation, and we couldn’t let that pass us by. We want to see the dairy industry thrive and we believe that all the third-party consultants, service providers, and sales representatives play a very big role in that.

There are a lot of moving parts on a dairy, and we wanted to create a system that could bring the transparency that is necessary to the hoof care side of things, a system that could provide the dairy with the data that they need to make proactive, effective, and efficient management decisions. Decisions without data is guesswork, and guesswork can be very costly. Our program, TJ Hoof Hub, is designed to take the guesswork out of the equation and provide factual data and valuable insights. We believe that we have created a system that can be useful for every kind of hoof trimming scenario, whether that be a dairy that hires a hoof trimmer, a dairy that hoof trims their own cows, a hoof trimmer with many customers or just a few, our system gives everyone the ability to tackle hoof health management and business management on a level that was not before possible. Our goal was to create something that truly checks all the boxes for all parties involved in the dairy’s hoof health management, and we believe that TJ Hoof Hub does exactly that.

We are TJ Hoof Care. We love the cows, we love the dairy industry, and we are here to make the best product possible for you!